Thomas Egerton

Born: fl. 1782-1838?
Bookseller, publisher, in London. Trading as Thomas and John Egerton 1784-95.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 7
Archives: 0
Richardson, Jonathan, the Elder   The Works Of Jonathan Richardson. Containing I. The Theory Of Painting. II. Essay On The Art Of Criticism, (So far as it relates to Painting). III. The Science Of A Connoisseur. A New Edition, corrected, with the Additions of An Essay on the Knowledge Of Prints, and Cautions to Collectors. Ornamented with Portraits by Worlidge, &c. of the most eminent Painters mentioned. Dedicated, by Permission, to Sir Joshua Reynolds. The Whole intended as a Supplement to the Anecdotes of Painters and Engravers. - Printed At Strawberry-Hill. 1792.   
Cumberland, George   Thoughts On Outline, Sculpture, And The System That Guided The Ancient Artists In Composing Their Figures And Groupes: Accompanied With Free Remarks On The Practice Of The Moderns, And Liberal Hints Cordially Intended For Their Advantage. To Which Are Annexed Twenty-Four Designs Of Clasical Subjects Invented On The Principles Recommended In The Essay By George Cumberland. - London. [1796]   
Ireland, Samuel   Graphic Illustrations Of Hogarth, From Pictures, Drawings, And Scarce Prints In The Possession Of Samuel Ireland, Author Of This Work; Of A Picturesque Tour Through Holland, Brabant, &c. And Of The Picturesque Beauties Of The Rivers Thames And Medway. (Vol. II.) - London: [1794 (-1799)]   
Society of Antiquaries of London   An Index To The First Three Volumes Of Vetusta Monumenta. Printed By Order Of The President And Council Of The Society Of Antiquaries Of London, 25th Of May, 1810. - London: 1810.   
Il Mercurio Italico: O Sia Ragguaglio Generale intorno alla Letteratura, Belle Arti, Utili Scoperte, ec. di tutta l'Italia. The Italian Mercury: Or, A General Account concerning the Literature, Fine Arts, Useful Discoveries, &c. of all Italy.   - Londra: [1789-1790]   
Shakespeare, William,   The Plays Of William Shakspeare, Accurately printed from the Text of the corrected copy left by the late George Steevens, Esq. With A Series Of Engravings, From Original Designs Of Henry Fuseli, Esq. R.A. Professor Of Painting: And A Selection Of Explanatory And Historical Notes, From the most eminent Commentators; A History of the Stage, a Life of Shakspeare, &c. By Alexander Chalmers, A.M. - In Ten Volumes. - Volume I. ... (- Volume X. ...) - London: 1805.   
Recherches Sur L'Origine, L'Esprit Et Les Progrès Des Arts De La Grèce; Sur Leur Connections Avec Les Arts Et La Religion Des Plus Anciens Peuples Connus; Sur Les Monumens Antiques De L'Inde, De La Perse, Du Reste De L'Asie, De L'Europe Et De L'Égypte. Tome Premier. (- Troisième.)   - A Londres [1785]