Edward Falkener

Born: 28 February 1814 in London
Died: 17 December 1896
Architect, architectural draughtsman, writer on ancient Greek and other architecture, in London, Cheshire (1866-75) and Camarthenshire (1875 onwards). In 1836 he became a student at the Royal Academy.
Works of Art: 2
Books: 7
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View of the Ruins of...   
View of the Ruins of...
Edward Falkener

Northop Church, Flintshire, under reconstruction   
Northop Church, Flintshire, under reconstruction
August 1839
Edward Falkener

Falkener, Edward   Was the ceiling of the Parthenon flat or curved? Being the introduction to a proposed work on Greek Sculpture - London 1859   
Falkener, Edward   A Description Of Some Important Theatres And Other Remains In Crete, From A MS. History Of Candia By Onorio Belli In 1586. Being A Supplement To The "Museum Of Classical Antiquities." By Edward Falkener. - London: [1854]   
Falkener, Edward   On The Hypæthron Of Greek Temples; A Paper Read Before The Archæological Society Of Berlin. Together With Some Observations In Reply To The Reviewers Of "Dædalus." By Edward Falkener. - London: 1861.   
Falkener, Edward   Dædalus; Or, The Causes And Principles Of The Excellence Of Greek Sculpture. By Edward Falkener, Member Of The Academy Of Bologna, And Of The Archæological Institutes Of Rome And Berlin. - London: 1860.   
Falkener, Edward   Ephesus, And The Temple Of Diana. By Edward Falkener. [Epigraph] - London: 1862.   
Magrini, Antonio, abate   Cenni Storico-Critici Sulla Vita E Sulle Opere Di Giovanni Antonio Fasolo Pittore Vicentino compilati Dall'Ab. Antonio Magrini Socio Corispondente Dell'Istituto Reale Degli Architetti Britanni, Dell'Accademia R. Delle Scienze Di Torino, Dell'Ateneo Di Venezia E Di Bassano, Onorario Dei Virtuosi Del Panteon, Ed Ordinario Dell'Accademia Olimpica - Venezia 1851   
Society of Dilettanti (London)   Ionian Antiquities, Published By Order Of The Society Of Dilettanti. - London: [1769 (-1915)]