William Beckford

Born: 1760
Died: 1844
Writer; collector.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 1
Archives: 4
Biographical Memoirs Of Extraordinary Painters.   - London: [1780]   
HU/5/30    Ozias Humphry. Account of a journey to William Beckford at Fonthill, with Benjamin West and James Wyatt    [c.1797]    Item   
JU/1/40    J. B. Cipriani, Hedge Lane [to an unidentified recipient]    15 Mar 1782    Item   
JU/1/29    F. Bartolozzi, North End, to Cariss[i]mo Amico    06 Mar 1782    Item   
REY/1/21    Pocket book    1782    Item