Edmonds and Remnants (London)

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Upper cover and spine of...
John Leech

Crowe, Joseph Arthur   A New History Of Painting In Italy From The Second To The Sixteenth Century. Drawn Up From Fresh Materials And Recent Researches In The Archives Of Italy; As Well As From Personal Inspection Of The Works Of Art Scattered Throughout Europe. By J.A. Crowe & G.B. Cavalcaselle, Authors Of 'The Early Flemish Painters.' Vol. I. (- III.) - London: 1864. (- 1866.) The Right of Translation is reserved.   
Leslie, Charles Robert, R.A.   Autobiographical Recollections. By The Late Charles Robert Leslie, R.A. Edited, With A Prefatory Essay On Leslie As An Artist, And Selections From His Correspondence. By Tom Taylor, Esq., Editor Of "The Autobiography Of Haydon." In Two Volumes. - Vol. I. (II.) With Portrait. - London: 1860. [The right of Translation is reserved.]