Richard Exton

Born: fl. 1796 - 1808
Printer, stationer, in London.
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Desenfans, Noel Joseph   A Descriptive Catalogue (With Remarks And Anecdotes Never Before Published In English) Of Some Pictures, Of The Different Schools, Purchased For His Majesty The Late King Of Poland; Which will be exhibited early in 1802, At the Great Room, No. 3, In Berners-Street, The third Door on the right, from Oxford-Street. By Noel Desenfans, Esq. Late Consul General Of Poland, In Great-Britain. Vol. I. Containing the Italian, Venetian, Spanish, and French Schools. (Vol. II. Containing the German, Flemish, Dutch, and English Schools.) Second Edition, Revised And Corrected. - London: 1802.