John Giles Eccardt

Died: 1779
Portrait-painter. Born in Germany but moved to London at an early age.
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Robins, George Henry   Strawberry Hill, The Renowned Seat Of Horace Walpole. Mr. George Robins Is Honoured By Having Been Selected By The Earl Of Waldegrave, To Sell By Public Competition, The Valuable Contents Of Strawberry Hill, And It May Fearlessly Be Proclaimed As The Most Distinguished Gem That Has Ever Adorned The Annals Of Auctions. It Is Definitely Fixed For Monday, The 25th Day Of April, 1842, And Twenty-Three Following Days (Sundays Excepted), And within will be found a repast for the Lovers of Literature and the Fine Arts, of which bygone days furnish no previous example, and it would be in vain to contemplate it in times to come. - The Catalogue (at 7s. each) will admit Four Persons to the Public View, and be a passport to the Purchaser throughout the Sale; they may be had at "Galignani's Journal," in Paris; of Mr. I.A.G. Weigel, of Leipsic; at Strawberry Hill; at the Auction Mart; and at Mr. George Robins' Offices, Covent Garden. A few copies are printed upon large paper, at 12s. each. The Private view will commence on the 28th Day of March, and the Public will be admitted on Monday, April 4th. - (London: 1842.)