James Brotherton

Born: fl. 1759 - 1772
Bookseller, publisher, pharmacist, in London. Address: Cornhill. Associate of John Brotherton; possibly partner of John Sewell, trading as Brotherton & Sewell (1774-5).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 0
Paine, James   Plans, Elevations and Sections, Of Noblemen and Gentlemen's Houses, And Also Of Stabling, Bridges, Public and Private, Temples, and other Garden Buildings; Executed In The Counties Of Derby, Durham, Middlesex, Northumberland, Nottingham, and York. By James Paine, Architect, One of the Directors of the Society of Artists of Great-Britain. Part The First. Illustrated by Seventy-Four Large Folio Plates. - London: [1767]   
Kirby, Joshua   Dr. Brook Taylor's Method Of Perspective Made Easy; Both in Theory and Practice: In Two Books. Being An Attempt to make the Art of Perspective easy and familiar; To adapt it entirely to the Arts of Design; And To make it an Entertaining Study to any Gentleman who shall chuse so polite an Amusement. By Joshua Kirby, Designer In Perspective To Their Majesties. And Fellow of the Royal and Antiquarian Societies. Illustrated With Many Copper-Plates, Correctly Engraved under the Author's Inspection. The Third Edition, with several Additions and Improvements. ... Book I. - London: [1768]