Thomas Brettell

Born: fl. ca. 1815 - 1867
Printer, in London.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 6
Archives: 0
Campanari, Domenico, marchese   Ritratto Di Vittoria Colonna Marchesana di Pescara Dipinto Da Michel' Angelo Buonarroti Illustrato E Posseduto Da Domenico Campanari Traslatato Da Henrietta Bowles. - - In Londra [1850]   
Holtzapffel, Charles   A New System Of Scales Of Equal Parts, Applicable To Various Purposes Of Engineering, Architectural And General Science. Illustrated by a fac-simile of the Scales on Copper Plate. - By Charles Holtzapffel, Associate of the Institution of Civil Engineers. - - London: 1838.   
Smith, Thomas   Recollections Of The British Institution, For Promoting The Fine Arts in The United Kingdom: With Some Account Of The Means Employed For That Purpose; And Biographical Notices of the Artists who have received Premiums, &c. 1805 - 1859. By Thomas Smith, Author Of An Historical And Topographical Account Of The Parish Of St.-Mary-Le-Bone; Hand-Book To Harrow-On-The-Hill; Etc. [Epigraph] - London: [1860]   
Stirling-Maxwell, William, Bt.   Annals Of The Artists Of Spain. By William Stirling, M.A. [Epigraph] Vol. I. (- III.) - London: [1848]   
Smith, John   A Catalogue Raisonné Of The Works Of The Most Eminent Dutch, Flemish, And French Painters; In which is included a short Biographical Notice of the Artists, With A Copious Description Of Their Principal Pictures; A Statement Of The Prices At Which Such Pictures Have Been Sold At Public Sales On The Continent And In England; A Reference To The Galleries And Private Collections, In Which A Large Portion Are At Present; And The Names Of The Artists By Whom They Have Been Engraved; To Which Is Added, A Brief Notice Of The Scholars And Imitators Of The Great Masters Of The Above Schools: By John Smith, Dealer In Pictures, Late Of Great Marlborough Street. - Part The First. (- Ninth.) - London: [1829 (- 1842)]   
Callcott, Maria   Description Of The Chapel Of The Annunziata Dell'Arena; Or, Giotto's Chapel, In Padua. By Mrs. Callcott. - London: [1835]