Sir Edwin Cooper, R.A.

Preferred Media: Architecture
Born: 21 October 1874 in Scarborough, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Died: 24 June 1942
Nationality: British
Category of Membership: Architect
Elected A.R.A: 24 Apr 1930
Elected R.A: 22 Apr 1937
Treasurer From: 1940-1942
Works of Art: 4
Books: 5
Archives: 7
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Record drawing of Port of...
Edwin Cooper
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The Royal Academy Selection and...
Frederick William Elwell

Selection Committee, 1938.   
Selection Committee, 1938.


The Decorative Work Of Robert & James Adam Being A Reproduction Of The Plates Illustrating Decoration & Furniture From Their "Works In Architecture" Published 1778-1812   - London [1901]   
Desgodets, Antoine Babuty   Les Édifices Antiques De Rome Mesurés Et Dessinés Tres-Exactement Sur Les Lieux Par Feu M· Desgodetz Architecte Du Roi - Gli Edifizj Antichi Di Roma Misurati E Disegnati Esattissimamente Sui Luoghi Dal Fu M· Desgodetz Architetto Del Re Traduzione Con Note E Il Testo Originale A Lato - - Roma MDCCCXXII -   
Burges, William, A.R.A.   Architectural Drawings. By W. Burges, Architect. - London: 1870.   
Swan, Abraham   The British Architect: Or, The Builders Treasury Of Staircases. Containing: I. An easier, more intelligible, and expeditious Method of drawing the Five Orders, than has hitherto been published, by a Scale of Twelve equal Parts, free from those troublesome Divisions call'd Aliquot Parts. Shewing also how to glue up their Columns and Capitals. II. Likewise Stair-Cases, (those most useful, ornamental, and necessary Parts of a Building, though never before sufficiently described in any Book, Ancient or Modern;) shewing their most convenient Situation, and the Form of their Ascending in the most grand Manner: With a great Variety of curious Ornaments, whereby any Gentleman may fix on what will suit him best, there being Examples of all Kinds; and necessary Directions for such Persons as are unacquainted with that Branch. III. Designs of Arches, Doors, and Windows. IV. A great Variety of New and Curious Chimney-Pieces, in the most elegant and modern Taste. V. Corbels, Shields, and other beautiful Decorations. VI. Several useful and necessary Rules of Carpentry; with the Manner of Truss'd Roofs, and the Nature of a splay'd circular Soffit, both in a straight and Circular Wall, never published before. Together with Raking Cornices, Groins, and Angle Brackets described. - The Whole being illustrated with upwards of One Hundred Designs and Examples, curiously engaved by the best Hands, on Sixty Folio Copper-Plates. By Abraham Swan, Architect. - London: [1765?]   
Studio D'Architettura Civile sopra gli Ornamenti di Porte e Finestre tratti da alcune Fabbriche insigni di Roma con le misure Piante Modini, e Profili Opera De Piu Celebri Architetti De Nostri Tempi Publicata Sotto Gl'Auspicij Della Sta. Di N.S. Papa Clemente XI. Da Domenico de Rossi erede di Gio: Giac: de Rossi in Roma alla Pace con Privil. del Sommo Pont. e licenza de Sup. L'Anno M.DCCII. Parte Prima   - [1702]   
RAA/SEC/10/64/2    Julius Olsson, 7 Trafalgar Studios, Manresa Rd., SW 3, to [W. R. M.] Lamb    c. 1925    Item   
RAA/LIB/2/43    Sir Edwin Cooper, member's file    [c.1930s]    File   
RAA/SEC/4/11/3    Reginald Blomfield, 51 Frognal, Hampstead, to Lamb    03 May 1935    Item   
RAA/PC/6/5    Records of the Schools Committee    1943-1945    Sub-series   
RAA/KEE/12/8    Draft timetables for the School of Architecture    1938-1940    Item   
RAA/KEE/12/6/2    Subjects set by Visitors in the School of Architecture, 1937-38 session    1937-38    File   
RAA/KEE/12/5/4    Papers relating to the competition for the School of Architecture gold medal and travelling studentship, 1939    1939    File