Aelbert Cuyp

Born: 1620
Died: 1691
Landscape painter; draughtsman.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 4
Engravings Of The Most Noble The Marquis Of Stafford's Collection Of Pictures, In London, Arranged According To Schools, And In Chronological Order, With Remarks On Each Picture. By William Young Ottley, Esq. F.S.A. The Executive Part Under The Management Of Peltro William Tomkins, Esq. Historical Engraver To Her Majesty. - Vol. I. (- IV.) -   - London: 1818.   
Dulwich Picture Gallery (London)   Dulwich Gallery. - [S.l.: ca. 1830?]   
RAA/PRE/5/2/51    Dutch Pictures 1450-1750    1952-1953    Item   
AND/26/114    E.W. Cooke, The Ferns, Kensington, to Anderdon    31 May 1867    Item   
AND/8/172    Benjamin Vandergucht, London, to Thomas Harvey, Catton, Norwich    2 Jan 1793    Item   
LAW/4/372    Robert Peel, Drayton Manor, near Fazeley, to [Thomas Lawrence]    28 Sep [1825]    Item