John Evelyn

Born: 31 October 1620
Died: 27 February 1706
Diarist, writer, scholar, horticulturist.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 4
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Freart, Roland, Sieur de Chambray   An Idea Of the Perfection Of Painting: Demonstrated From the Principles of Art, and by Examples conformable to the Observations, which Pliny and Quintilian have made upon the most celebrated Pieces of the Antient Painters, Parallel'd with some Works of the most famous Modern Painters, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Julio Romano, and N. Poussin. - Written in French By Roland Freart, Sieur de Cambray, And rendred English By J.E. Esquire, Fellow of the Royal Society. - - [London:] 1668.   
Evelyn, John   Sculptura; Or, The History and Art Of Chalcography, And Engraving in Copper. With An ample enumeration of the most renowned Masters, and their Works. To which is annexed A new manner of Engraving, or Mezzo Tinto, communicated by his Highness Prince Rupert to the Authour of this Treatise. - London 1662.   
Society of Antiquaries of London   Vetusta Monumenta: Quae Ad Rerum Britannicarum Memoriam Conservandam Societas Antiquariorum Londini Sumptu Suo Edenda Curavit. Volumen Primum. (-Sextum.) - Londini: [1747(-1906)]   
Evelyn, John   Sculptura; Or, The History and Art Of Chalcography, And Engraving in Copper: With An ample Enumeration of the most renowned Masters and their Works. To which is annexed, A New Manner of Engraving, or Mezzotinto, Communicated by His Highness Prince Rupert To The Author of this Treatise, John Evelyn, Esq; The Second Edition. Containing some Corrections and Additions taken from the Margin of the Author's printed Copy; an Etching of his Head, by Mr. Worlide; an exact Copy of the Mezzotinto done by Prince Rupert, by Mr. Houston; a Translation of all the Greek and Latin Passages; and Memoirs Of The Author's Life. Implevi eum Spiritu Dei, sapientia, et intelligentia, et scientia in omni opere, ad excogitandum quicquid fabrefieri potest ex`auro, et argento, et ære, marmore, et gemmis, et diversitate lignorum. Exodus, cap. xxxi, et cap. xxxv. - London: [1755]