Moses Haughton, the younger

Born: 1773 in Wednesbury, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom
Died: 1849
Nationality: British
Miniature painter; engraver. Nephew of portrait- and still-life- painter Moses Haughton the elder (1735-1804); cousin of painter and engraver Matthew Haughton (1766-1821).
Works of Art: 2
Books: 3
Archives: 1
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Portrait of Henry Fuseli RA   
Portrait of Henry Fuseli RA
Moses Haughton

Portrait of Henry Fuseli RA   
Portrait of Henry Fuseli RA
Moses Haughton

Fuseli, Henry, R.A.   Lectures on painting, delivered at The Royal Academy with additional observations and notes by Henry Fuseli, P.P. ; - London 1820   
The British Gallery Of Contemporary Portraits, Being A Series Of Engravings Of The More Eminent Persons Now Living Or Lately Deceased In Great Britain and Ireland: From Drawings Accurately Made From Life, Or From The Most Approved Original Pictures. Accompanied By Short Biographical Notices. Vol. I. (II.)   - London: 1813.(-1822.)   
Moor, Edward   [Sri Sarva Deva Sabha] The Hindu Pantheon. By Edward Moor, F.R.S. Member Of The Asiatic Society Of Calcutta, And Of The Literary Society Of Bombay. - London : 1810.   
FU/2/5    Charles Payne Crawfurd, Gray's Inn, to Henry Fuseli    01 Nov 1813    Item