Thomas Gray

Born: 1716
Died: 1771
Poet, and scholar. Active at Cambridge.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 2
Du Fresnoy, Charles Alphonse   The Art of Painting Of Charles Alphonse Du Fresnoy. Translated into English Verse By William Mason, M.A. With Annotations By Sir Joshua Reynolds, Knt. President of the Royal Academy. - - York:, London;, York. [1783]   
Gray, Thomas   Elegy Written In A Country Church-Yard By Gray: And Translated Into Italian Verse By J. Giannini, LL.D. The Second Edition. - London: [1782]   
GI/1/327    William Theed, 12 A. Henrietta St, Cavendish Sq. to Carissimo Signor Cavaliere [John Gibson]    05 Jun 1856    Item   
GI/1/137    John Gibson, Rome [to Margaret Gibson]    16 Nov 1861    Item